Report Stolen Goods To Trace


We strongly advise you to report all stolen goods or criminal activity to your local law enforcement agency, however you can support this report by adding the information to Trace. This means that all users of Trace can avoid buying your stolen goods and if recovered by the Police they can contact you.

To report stolen goods, simply create an account on Trace's sister site There you can add property to your own personal inventory and report any that have been stolen. This information is instantly available to the police, trade and the buying public via Trace.

Report your stolen goods

Latest News

Trace to continue to provide free public access to the FBI Stolen Articles File...

Criminal Justice Information Services sub-committee has unanimously agreed that the arrangement to supply information to Trace by Recipero should be permanent.

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Boston and Texas Police recommend Trace...

The US law enforcement agencies encourage Citizens to use Trace.

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