Trace and CheckMEND working together to protect you from stolen goods.

Do you need more information or proof of due diligence? Now you can with the new Trace & CheckMEND partnership.

Many of the users of Trace ask us if we can provide proof of their search or further information about the item being searched. The answer is no this is not possible on Trace but we have teamed up with CheckMEND the worlds largest property history reporting service where all these functions are available.

How does it work?

We have made it possible for CheckMEND to query Trace via their website so all the stolen data on Trace is viewable on CheckMEND. You will also have access to their databases of over 150 billion records of property history information that covers things like confirmation of item identity, loss, counterfeit, cloned, insurance claims, warranty claims, restrictions on international use on cell phones, number of previous owners etc.

In addition all your searches are stored in your CheckMEND account and can be accessed at any time and every search
is accompanied by a report in a pdf format which you can print out and supply to any buyer. Each report has a unique ID which you can quote on any online advert so that prospective buyers can view the report for free from the CheckMEND website.

To sign up for a free CheckMEND account visit the CheckMEND website
at ยป

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