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The UNT Police Department and Trace – America’s largest database of stolen goods – have partnered to offer an easy way to safeguard your property and to report it accurately in the event of loss or theft. Using the power of Trace students can register their property before theft or loss and then support any crime report of the property by simply logging in and flagging the item as not being in their possession. Even if the item is not recorded before theft, it is possible to report it to Trace if the items details are available via any packaging, cell phone contracts etc.

Additionally by registering items of property like cells, laptops etc it means that all the details required to help recover the item are recorded and the system even allows students to print out a certificate of keepership of the item to provide to insurers and the relevant authorities.




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How to protect your valuables

UNT Police strongly recommend using www.Immobilize.net to make a registry of your valuables online. Saving important info about your belongings on Immobilize is the best way to get them back if they’re stolen. You also get certificate of ownership to assist in crime reporting and insurance claims. Protect Your Valuables.

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Latest News

Trace to continue to provide free public access to the FBI Stolen Articles File...

Criminal Justice Information Services sub-committee has unanimously agreed that the arrangement to supply information to Trace by Recipero should be permanent.

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The US law enforcement agencies encourage Citizens to use Trace.

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