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Record your property details before loss, theft or disaster.

If you have ever had something stolen or lost or had it destroyed in a disaster like a fire or flood would it not have been easier to make a crime report or insurance claim if you had all the details of the item to hand? Not only that by providing the police with serial numbers, accurate descriptions or even photos greatly increases the chances of you getting the items back.

This is a FREE service from Trace's operators and full details can be seen at

Free goods registration

If you are looking to report stolen goods to Trace please see the information on this page: Report stolen goods to Trace.

Latest News

Trace to continue to provide free public access to the FBI Stolen Articles File...

Criminal Justice Information Services sub-committee has unanimously agreed that the arrangement to supply information to Trace by Recipero should be permanent.

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Boston and Texas Police recommend Trace...

The US law enforcement agencies encourage Citizens to use Trace.

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